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The last earthquake in Chile on feb 27, was not just telluric, but also social. We saw a middle class model colapse, in its need for “more” without following a: “regular procedure” , in other words not just stealing, but breaking their faith in a system that seemed they so much believed in. Any way this subject was not called out very much as you can imagine.

This was the really fragile and pathetic thing that happened, not the poor people who lost their homes (the lost lives of the beloved ones is another matter, obviously a great pain), those poor people that lost thing’s are heroes and instead of making me sad, they give me strength. Sophisticated comfort is a sort of slow death, no? Precariousness is a kind of breath in some sense, but nobody looks for it, it just comes, with circumstances like this or simple madness. Fervent or insane?

The problem of U.S. mortgage debt is due to Jose Pinera’s ideas (our president’s “big brother”), Naomi Klein once said. Privatize health was implemented in Chile in the 80’. Chile has been a neoliberal (M.F) laboratory for long, pioneers according to Klein (that sadly doesn’t react like islam or vietnamese) . A Neo-liberal-lab for right and specially left (says Walden Bello), where affection (in human proportion and intensity) was replaced by “the moral”, for me: a sublimation (deluded) that behind the apparent and formal social duty it shows, lies the seed of ambition to be as you say "more". That last part is not spoken. With post-quake “looting” this phenomenon was clearly revealed in Chile but not comented, a latent cynicism unveiled, worthy of Voltaire's Bastard `s (Ralston Saul).

The nowhere man (Obama), lives in “his” nowhere land (in his utopia or “no lugar” in spanish, which means exactly nowhere in english). He is us, our mirror, that lives “as if” we cared, due to a : “social morality (polite) to achieve a privileged position among others and as you say be loved and remembered for our ambition and hard work”. But the Nowhere man does not make nowhere plans for nobody, thank’s to the conspiracy with a “C”, as you once called, that works by itself, like a kind of catalyst due to the architecture Jeferson once brought?, plastics? (harmless concept but very dangerous). Formica eyes, like spick and span brightness that calms the bourgeois neurotic hygiene.

Plastics without warmth, that brought hopes without hearts, that today are “embedded to the spinal”, as we say in Chile. For me the inlightment (part of the neoliberal process) was a way of corrupting the real affection with people, by visualizing a social accepted hope (anticipating vision or light), that hides a solitary ambition (dark unsolved feeling). “Light, funny or Ironic (Tim) Ages America” could have been a good tittle? We live an endless dream for an unknown porpuse, that will never turn into a nightmare, although deep inside we wait for it to happen.

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