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It’s always curious for me to see what your talking about these days. I’d like to make the following comment about your words and answers on public affair:

If we make a parallel between contemporary USA and the late roman empire

I’d like to emphasize a slight difference: The communicational structure that permits other cultural expressions to survive (show) is obviously much more global and sophisticated today, and also capable of reinventing “forever” the justified use and innovation of the military industry (business). Christianity saved Rome, the subsidy of paganism, which was much more expensive than symbolic rituals, the thirst for blood replaced with bread and wine sublimated mob frustrations in other ways, cheaper ways? Blasphemy? What chats and MSN do today, for people who’d love to live in “bunkers” with the best triple-pack and obviously Martini.

Internal factors turn Rome apart like Bush who gave twilight a dark tone. What does a nation in the dark believe in? The empire makes reality through an act of faith glorifying God in work, a chameleonic faith, all kinds of beliefs, innocent fantasies that seem most of the middle ages. All between two poles: An inquiring court that says what not to do and a scholastic model that says what to do, a binary cartoon of reality that fools with unsuspected tools.


It wants to show the world it lives in a certain ignorance, victim of the same circumstances than the rest of the world, that typical low profile that invisibly controls the move with elegance and delicacy that pleases rather than bother. No apparent protagonist roles, they say things just happen, its just a coincidence that they are always in the right place at the right time. In these matters I’m a nice suspicious paranoiac, funny, pathetic but most of all real without facts, paradoxical?

Individual changes are different than social structure changes, I agree with this. I also agree with the idea that the government doesn’t force people to accept foreign policies (supposedly informed of these policies); people aren’t really concerned in those issues. As you say they do care of security and material comfort, they get on board with this, to be raised to the flow. I agree that the government doesn’t force Americans to act against the world, they aren’t aware of it, they got other concerns, lighter concerns. Self-centred concerns, a predator life style which as long as it works, doesn’t matter how it’s sustained.

Will the wisdom of American people pull through and not tolerate this? Will a magical faith emerge out of nowhere? Americans want to here there is a way out and have nothing to do with something pessimist as you say. Which hope? How can it depend on the American people, for they just want status quo, not another priority to worry about? Live in peace and ignore world reality and the criminal acts foreign American policies generate, as long as their way of life is not in jeopardy. I resume: There’s nothing worse than a “moralist-hedonist-hypocrite” society. The people are at least in some unconscious level I believe accomplices of the domes of power, not plane victims, let’s give them some responsibility about it.

About the conspiracy of 911, you said you don’t think insiders are intelligent enough do it? I think that’s the idea they’d like us to believe, invisible strings and metaphysic articulations that systematically program and create a strange field of beliefs. Its true there are no real facts on 911, but the dilemma could be: are they smart enough or not? I personally think so, because like many things, there will never be concrete facts on the happenings. Evidence is obviously limited to our reach of certain information, which they “know how to show so we go with the blow”, of who knows what? The God in who they Trust or they want us (the world) to trust? I have come to a very paranoid conclusion: we are programmed in such a way that its easy to induce us to certain stages which give us a live feeling of evolution which is just an illusion.

For US foreign policy this “inside job” gives the “states” strong reasons for it’s decisions, solid arguments to take extreme strategies in the construction of the new world order that can end with the chaos created by the same inside job, the medicine for the illness, the show for the business.

If the theory of an inside job is true, the paradigm turns much darker than what one can imagine, but magic paranoia is more powerful than empiric facts, I can defend: not because delusions don’t have a concrete way of being shared with others makes them less powerful. Poets in other times founded cities with other variables such as those of landscape.

I knew about your problem with the New York Times and their dishonest version about your book. Who challenges the hypnotic fog you said, is thought to be insane. You see History and not prophecy, but you may agree that past data can be used to predict future events and construct future beliefs and ways to see what is believed to be happening now. A near example: experience operates with this method, future beliefs are born according to past experiences, collective or individual.

With the new visual audio media, “Brain washing the population” is cheap for Corporate money, Americans are not interested in following a different direction, it is seen in votes as you say. How can you reduce the military industrial complex if Bush lost popularity because he was loosing the war?

Iraq was set up long time ago, why? You say oil and money are not the important, but geopolitical control of the world is. The Middle East as it says is in the middle between east and west. It’s in the eye of “the creators of reality ”, capable of reconfiguring local perceptions with new modern urban supports, as Thomas Jefferson did with Neopalladianism in the first states, or Greeks did in the polis. I believe as Paul Virilio, that Greek philosophy emerged of its particular urban support. How is this possible?

Hussein was always a pretext, a cover that justifies the control of Iraq. Can the world be or not be controlled? is finally an ontological question that deals with chaos or cosmos as one final absolute? Apollo, Dionysus or both, with which I don’t mean maniqueism.

The problem of being an evident hegemonic empire is that it insight’s resistance… people don’t like this so obviously. So the problem is not if to do or not do it, but rather how to do it with discretion, smoothly as you say. When its evident it has no taste, the cat kills the moose with a sadistic elegance, bully it’s way into power and world control is wrong because of the method not the concept, this fact is absurd, dark or light empires (republican or democrat) have their particular methods based on the same idea.

When somebody doesn’t play well with others, maybe it’s because no one else knows the real rules? As you say and I agree, the Human spirit will always continue, so it’s revival will probably not take place in the US. Recover and preserve values from the grasp of our criminals will always happen, but more and more in anonymous ways, like Irish monks as you mention.

Complex consciousness in the infinite paradigm makes everything unpredictable but not undecipherable This is the key which makes the difference between Masonic enlightenment or catholic guilt, and pagan belief of the real mystery. While optimists of all kinds believe the complex of life is decipherable with certain states of consciousness, certain agreements with God or advanced scientific methods. Pessimists like me (that don’t believe in the other life or reincarnation either), believe and feel that the complex will never be resolved, it will always be magical and terrifying, and the only thing left for us, to be able to live in peace, is to accept that, which curiously is very hard to do. An uncle once said: “some people think they can grab God from the balls”, would that give you peace?

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Luli dijo...

Las Torres Gemelas rebasa todo límite de prudencia y objetividad, sobre todo en el momento político actual en el que la guerra en Irak se evidencia como una acción descabellada y a todas luces injustificada, cuando el personaje del héroe marine dice: “Ahora hay que ir a cobrar venganza”, en una frase que se erige como una inútil y peligrosa defensa de la invasión a Irak.

No domino el inglés, perdoname

Un gran relato


Anónimo dijo...

Te ví en el blog de mi hermana y decidí darme una vuelta por aquí . Tienes temas muy interesantes , seguramente regresaré !


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