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Comentario a artículo de libro de Morris Berman: "Why America Failed", que será publicado en China. 

Preface to the Chinese Edition of "Why America Failed" 

In Chile this 11 of September, we are 40 years from the torture and massacre you mention, and we still have a sense of uneasiness.I remember the analogy you did years ago between Sophism and Confucianism: The Asian Road to Victory, were I understood (maybe I’m wrong) Confucianism accelerates sophism.

Let’s imagine USA was some time in history a real reference to the world, that embodied a long and changing virus, that promised a hope like the one at the bottom of Pandora’s box, a hope that slowly and surprisingly mutated from a luminous to dark form, like a kind of inverse butterfly metamorphosis.

If it’s geopolitical goal today is to spread this virus that leads to self destruction as increasing in magnitude and proportion, maybe that increase of proportions “global wide” is what makes us perceive the phenomenon accelerates. The growing gap between rich and poor creates a tension that makes growth not only change scale, but mutate from something possible and maybe natural, to something unnatural and sick. I think scale is the matter, territory, Wall Street influencing and having incidence over Bangladesh. Like to soldiers with swords, changed by a technician that presses a bomb-button.

Since a read your article yesterday, I haven´t stopped thinking about the nets installed the Chinese facilities, it really makes me think that any apocalyptic US movie is nothing. As we say in Spanish “La realidad supera la ficción”. Nothing to say, just maybe a desperate, stupid and maybe funny jock:

How about this on a bumper-sticker for China: “STEVE JOBS – GREAT JOBS”

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