viernes, diciembre 28, 2007


“Spiritual death”, has quietly overtaken our culture, because real cyclical democracy (still and always will be a utopian) seems much like mirror-reflected democracy (the reality of idealism). What’s the difference?: In cyclical democracy like in all symbiotic systems, the elites have a real notion of the global, as them part of the community and watched by the community; in mirror reflected democracy on the other hand, they show an idyllic but pathetic image of what the people would want to see, and use this chance to hide behind it, like a mirror. This mirror has a double function: It reflects a deformed image of reality: showbiz hedonism and behind hides the dark powers that design the strange maneuvers in the dark, that deform reality into the image we want to see, like a mirror gallery.

I think this new monastic individualism you talk about can help one see the mirror’s deformed image and the forces that maneuver it. If this individual vision and practice takes place it must be shared with the community, what you call balance individual effort with larger cultural and political awareness. But Dark ages make monastic individualism harder, the none told version of history is structurally embedded in an unconscious and repressed level, but its still there, and I believe it can be revealed with your monastic philosophy.

It’s hard to think a global speculative revolution could take place and this planetary mirror could suddenly collapse in a collective level, this because the mirror is constantly reprogrammed because of small accidents or changes in the world that partially affect it, just like the Matrix in the known movie. It’s an illusion that I believe locally or individually can be momentarily revealed, but not globally or permanently, which means that the illusion could go on eternally as long as the invisible strings that move occidental culture exist, 5000 years according to Oswald Spengler, nothing is eternal.

If massive reactions tale place, realized about this illusion, the dark empire will collapse, like Paz said the Aztec empire collapsed because the gods deserted it, suffocated behind the mirror and the distortion created in live person-to-person contact.

There are limits to the scientific method that respond to economic issues, as well as there are limits to immediate participation that respond to moralistic issues. This means that neither of them respond to the health of the people, but do so to the control of the elite.

The downfall of America began when the white man first stepped foot on America, God who ran nude threw the woods, was taken by the English and Spaniards and placed in the sky like a rigid image easy to manipulate. Black neighborhoods where once the only ones with no jobs and opportunities because they where the ones that less looked like this rigid image of God turned into institutions that in time have had flexible turns. What ignorance in white people fooled by their elite, people that today suffer just as much as blacks or Chinese. USA will be a third world country of rich elites and everybody else poor, is raise strictly the issue?

It’s not about raise, but about two groups, elites and the rest. Saying black and white makes an obvious contrast, but there always will be differences that justify one group in relation to another. A group that makes up the stories and has the chance to tell them. Manichaeanism in subtle forms, with the many ways of reading, proper of a complex society, that diminishes return, sophisticated actions have a great cost, not only economical but also existential, either way they must remain in illusion to respond to the requests of the mirrors image, that reflects what we believe we want.

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