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LOVE AND DEATH (morris berman's blog), LIKE LOVE AND HATE WHAT A BEAUTIFUL COMBINATION (SAID ERASURE) The PLANET as a baroque masturbation world-wide.

I am very happy, I see a resurgence of the Berman trilogy. Your subjects that I long time don’t read. “More paradox and less Platon”, as Lou Marinoff should have said. May I say something?

A sense of life lived according to love, sleeps in us with furious passion, real gods waiting in silence, like a death instinct, latent to die for just feeling the love of life, imposible in understanding any reason why not do so. This epiphany is not posible, as long as there is not a sense of hedonism un-masked and seen as an ilus release (palo blanco) controled by an underlying puritan obidience (hidden reality or caja negra). Duality seen as a conflict, not a progresive dialectic. We see “palos blancos”or ilusions, but live in “cajas negras” or taboos, that’s the name of the game said ABBA.

As long as sexual awakening doesn`t reveal the sense of real life, the taste of it, the sistem is OK and stable, how does it work according to me? Show’s it but we can not touch it, porn in all its forms, spectator and BOYER , pro in mental masturbation, naive in body contact.

Hedonism is an ilusion, that gives repretion an esteril channel of demonstration or i would rather say manifestation, more phenomenology and less positivism.Any real chance of contact is penalized, we learn how to fear to touch and love to watch, but, the truth is who watches really suffers, and who touches enjoys.. what a paradox.

Sex activity is down, no pleasure to live, always surviving by working and consuming, tying with life and not living up to it. Porn spectators of an utopia in the mind and no body, senses atrophied, and so I guess we agree: see with no touch. You would like to read Pedro Morandé and his theory of the pre-columbian sacrificial act that made the spanish conquest possible.

Dramatic color can be seen by puritans as a festive squander, but I agree with you that’s wealth, that’s the real gold and not a goal. No repression in death or sensaulity opens taboo, it’s alive, it’s live and out there runing through the streets, puritans sublime it and rise it to heaven, to an evolved and self-sustained mind thought, leaving the body esteril and esteril (works well for spanglish). This way the action doesn’t reveal the somatic mistery but gives a ilusive pleasure or compensation the mind conforms with, life dilates and is pleased to be a spectator of the game.

If death is present the mistery of life is also, and the love for it. Catholics live around this mistery they call God (what the institution does with this is something else I don’t agree with and find simply perverse), protestants on the other hand seek God through the realization in action premeditated in a thought (calvinism work), something very jewish by the way, the eternally surviving a perpetual holocaust. Another hebrew vanguard Cabal attempt, that the rule replaces the mystery of love, but this time without subjecting but seducing.

The rule to be honest with the truth that will set one (not us) free, ignoring the loyalty with the presence of a real another one, in other words... the real us with who I live a paradox of love and hate. “Love and hate what a beautiful combination (Erasure), bringing love and Reich and not-war up my spine.”

The bottom line and tragedy of life: you can’t have one without the other, and believe me this does not sound politically currect at all, because it doesn´t give a solution, but instead opens a mystery ignored in the west, that by the way I believe will not by solved with Islam or eastern magic re-makes. “Dirty rags are washed at home Mr. Bush”, making the planet a cosmos, will not save it.


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